Traveling to Argentina and need a local SIM card? Get a Claro Argentina SIM card!

Claro is one of the major mobile operators in Argentina, offering great coverage, fast speeds, and affordable prepaid SIM cards perfect for tourists. This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting a Claro SIM card in Argentina, including coverage, network speeds, SIM card options, eSIM availability, where to buy, activation, rates, top-up, and more.

claro argentina sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Claro Argentina

  • Founded in 1993 as CTI Móvil
  • Rebranded as Claro Argentina in 2008
  • Owned by América Móvil, the major Latin American telecom company
  • Provides mobile, fixed line, and internet services
  • Over 26 million mobile subscribers as of 2021
  • 95% population coverage with 4G/LTE
  • Over 2,000 Claro stores and authorized dealers nationwide
quick facts about claro argentina
Claro – Mobile Operator In Argentina

II. Why Claro When You’re Exploring Argentina – Coverage and Speed

1. Claro Network Coverage in Argentina

claro network coverage in argentina
Claro Network Coverage in Argentina. Source

Claro has excellent coverage across Argentina, reaching 95% of the population. Their 4G LTE network now covers most major cities and tourist areas including:

  • Buenos Aires and surrounding metro area
  • Córdoba
  • Rosario
  • Mendoza
  • Salta
  • Bariloche
  • Mar del Plata
  • Puerto Iguazú
  • Patagonia region

You’ll get a strong Claro mobile signal around top tourist sights, national parks, airports, bus stations, hotels, cafes, and shopping areas. Data speeds are very fast in cities and solid when traveling between urban areas. Overall an excellent choice for connectivity across Argentina.

2. Claro Argentina Speed

Mobile network speed in Argentina
Claro Argentina Speed. Source

In major cities like Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Claro 4G speeds typically range from 15-25Mbps down and 5-10Mbps up according to the report. This is generally fast enough for HD video streaming, large file downloads, and video calls. However, some lag may be experienced in mobile gaming.

When traveling between cities or more rural areas, expect average LTE speeds of 5-15Mbps reported by Opensignal, enough for light web browsing, social media, maps, messaging, and standard definition video. Congestion may be experienced at major events or rush hour when networks are busiest according to the report.

III. Best Claro Argentina SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Claro offers a variety of prepaid data plans for customers in Argentina. The plans provide flexible data and validity periods to suit different needs. To access data beyond the default daily allowance, customers can purchase data add-on packs by texting shortcodes.

Data Duration Price in USD
1 GB 3 days $1.20
7 days $1.70
30 days $3.00
2 GB 7 days $2.50
15 days $3.20
20 days $3.90
4 GB 7 days $4.10
30 days $5.50
6 GB 30 days $7.00

Larger packages like 4GB for $4.10 (7 days) and 6GB for $7.00 (30 days) provide good value for money compared to data costs in other countries. The inclusion of unlimited WhatsApp usage is also a bonus

IV. Does Claro Support eSIM in Argentina?

Yes, Claro launched eSIM support in Argentina in early 2022. eSIM allows you to activate Claro service through a digital profile instead of a physical SIM.

Another option is to get a Claro eSIM plan for Argentina from, which uses the Claro network. offers flexible eSIM plans with various validity and data options at reasonable prices. Some key advantages of include:

  • Easy online purchase and instant delivery of the eSIM profile via email
  • No need to wait for shipping or risk losing physical SIM cards
  • Scan a QR code to easily install the eSIM on your compatible device
  • Support provided via chat/email for installation assistance
  • Plans start from 1GB up to 5GB of data with validities from 3 to 30 days
  • Works throughout Argentina and provides coverage on Claro’s 4G/5G network

Plan that may interest you

Argentina eSIM 7 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $6.00
Argentina eSIM 15 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $11.50
Argentina eSIM 30 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $15.50

V. Where Can You Buy Claro Argentina SIM cards and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Claro Argentina SIM Cards

Physical Claro SIM cards can be purchased at:

  • Claro stores – in most cities, airports, malls
  • Authorized Claro dealers – search “Claro dealers”
  • Newsstands and convenience stores – look for “SIM Claro” signage
Claro smart center in Argentina
Claro Store

When buying, let the seller know you need the "Prepago Turista" or "Prepago Internacional" tourist SIM. Bring your passport to register it.

2. Where to Buy Claro Argentina eSIM

To get a Claro Argentina eSIM profile:

  • Go to the Claro eSIM website:
  • Choose your plan – Prepago Turista recommended
  • Enter your email and Argentinian address (your hotel)
  • Complete payment with an international credit/debit card
  • Check your email for the eSIM activation link and scan the QR code

Consider using eSIM from as an alternative. The eSIM profile will be delivered to your phone ready for activation. More secure and convenient than a physical SIM card when traveling.

Leave your physical SIM behind, travel light with a digital SIM from

VI. How to Activate Claro Argentina SIM Cards /eSIM in Argentina?

1. How to Use Claro Argentina SIM Card

Activating a Claro Argentina SIM card is straightforward:

  • Insert the Claro SIM into your unlocked phone. For iPhone make sure cellular data is enabled.
  • Power on your device and accept the Claro network. APN is
  • You may need to enter your passport number to register the SIM card.
  • Top up/recharge your SIM when data runs low. You’re all set!

2. How to Activate Claro Argentina eSIM

To activate a Claro eSIM profile on your phone:

  • Open the email from Claro with your eSIM QR code.
  • Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to add the eSIM profile.
  • Follow the prompts to install the Claro eSIM on your device. May require a reboot.
  • The data plan will activate automatically on the Claro network.

VII. Claro Argentina Call & SMS Rates

Claro Prepago SIMs and eSIMs have the following calling and text rates:


  • ARS 4 per minute to other Claro numbers
  • ARS 5 per minute to other Argentine networks
  • ARS 20-50 per minute for international calls


  • ARS 1 per text to Argentine numbers
  • ARS 5 per text internationally

Great low-cost rates for communicating locally and internationally. Calls are charged per second billing.

VIII. Useful USSD Codes for Claro Argentina SIM Cards/eSIM

Check your Claro Argentina SIM card balance and info with these handy USSD codes:

USSD Code Description
*611# Check balance
*444# Check balance
*989# View and activate data packages
454 Activate data packages by texting the package code
252 Activate international roaming data packages by texting the package code

Dial the code directly on your phone keypad to check without logging into your account. Useful while traveling!

IX. How to Top-up Claro Argentina SIM Cards

When your Prepago SIM or eSIM credit runs low, you’ll need to add more funds through a top-up/recharge. There are a few ways to recharge Claro:

  • Vouchers – Buy at Claro stores/dealers. Scratch to reveal recharge PIN.
  • Online – Recharge via the Claro website with an international credit card.
  • App – Use the Claro Club app to recharge with an Argentine debit/credit card. Minimum 50 pesos.

Enter the recharge PIN or have value added to your SIM number. Data and minutes will replenish after topping up.

X. FAQs about Claro Argentina SIM Cards

Can I roam in other countries with Claro?

Yes, Claro SIMs and eSIMs allow roaming in most South American countries. But roaming data rates are very expensive, so a local SIM is recommended when traveling outside Argentina.

Does Claro have stores at airports?

Yes, Claro has stores at major airports like Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) and Jorge Newbery (AEP) to conveniently get connected upon arrival.

What support is offered in English?

Claro’s website, apps, and eSIM signup offer English language options. In-store support may be limited to Spanish only. Contact Claro customer service by phone or chat for English help.

XI. Final Words

A Claro SIM card or eSIM provides fast, reliable cell service when visiting Argentina. Their strong 4G coverage, good speeds, and great prepaid plans make connectivity smooth across this beautiful country.

Just grab a Prepago Turista SIM at the airport or pick up an eSIM online before your trip. Follow the simple activation steps to get setup with an Argentine number and data right away.

Now you’ll stay connected on-the-go for chatting, maps, and sharing those amazing travel photos! Have an incredible trip in Argentina with a Claro SIM or eSIM along for the ride.