Want to stay connected while exploring Argentina? Getting a local SIM card at the airport is an easy way to have mobile access. This guide covers your SIM options at airports in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and more.

We’ll compare plans from the major carriers and provide everything you need to know to select and activate the right SIM for your needs upon arrival.

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I. Argentina Airports With SIM Card Options for Visitors

When traveling to Argentina, it’s easy to buy a SIM Card at the airport, here are some popular destinations for visitors to grab a SIM for their Argentina trip!

1. Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires

Ezeiza Airport is the largest international airport in Argentina and also is the main port of entry for foreign visitors arriving by air. There are several places to purchase SIM cards once you exit customs, including booths and shops run by the major mobile carriers Movistar, Claro, and Personal. Prices range from 300 to 500 Argentine Pesos ($2- 3). These SIM cards provide prepaid data, calls, and SMS.

Ezeiza Airport (EZE)
Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) Airport. Source

2. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP) in Buenos Aires

Besides Ezeiza Airport, visitors can buy a SIM Card easily at the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport. There are fewer options for buying SIM cards here compared to Ezeiza, but Claro and Movistar have shops selling prepaid SIMs with data plans starting at around 300 Pesos ($2).

Jorge Newbery (AEP)
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery(AEP). Source

3. San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC)

This is the main airport servicing the popular tourist destination of Bariloche. SIM card kiosks can be found in the terminal building, with Movistar being the predominant provider. Prices are around 350 Pesos ($2.20).

San Carlos de Bariloche Airport
San Carlos de Bariloche Airport

4. Iguazú Cataratas International Airport (IGR)

Located near the famous Iguazú Falls, this airport has SIM cards available from Claro and Personal upon arrival. Expect to pay around 400 Pesos ($2.5).

Iguazú Cataratas International Airport
Iguazú Cataratas International Airport

5. Mar del Plata Airport (MDQ)

At Argentina’s top beach destination, you can find SIM card booths right in the terminal after you land. Movistar is the main provider here, with prices starting around 350 Pesos ($2).

Mar del Plata Airport
Mar del Plata Airport

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Argentina Airports

The most common locations to buy SIM cards at Argentina’s major airports are:

1. SIM Card Shops/Booths Run by Mobile Carriers

Claro, Movistar, and Personal all operate dedicated SIM card shops or booths at airports like Ezeiza in Buenos Aires. These booths are normally located right as you exit customs in the arrivals area. Staff can help you get set up with the SIM card and activate it.

2. Kiosks and Convenience Stores

Buying sim card at convenience store
Buying SIM card at Kiosks and Convenience Stores

Many airports have small kiosks and convenience stores that also stock SIM cards from various providers. For example, at Aeroparque airport in Buenos Aires, these types of shops sell SIMs that you can self-activate.

3. Mobile Carrier Branded Stores

Some airports have full-fledged stores run by the major telecom companies like Claro and Movistar. These stores offer a wider selection of SIM cards and plans compared to just the basic options at the booths. Stores can also be found in the check-in and departures areas.

If this options are time-consuming and can hardly be found, you may consider obtaining an eSIM Argentina via airport wifi; only 2 to 3 minutes of using wifi installation is required. 

III. What to Prepare to Buy a SIM Card at Argentina Airports

To ensure the process of purchasing an Argentina SIM card at the airport goes smoothly, here are key things to prepare:

What to Prepare to Buy a SIM Card at Argentina Airports

What to Prepare Details
Passport Your passport will need to be presented as a form of ID and for registration of the SIM card. Be sure to have it easily accessible.
Cash in Pesos Have some Argentine Peso cash on hand, as not all payment terminals will accept foreign credit/debit cards. Around 400 Pesos ($2.50 USD) should be sufficient for a prepaid SIM card.
Unlocked Phone Your smartphone will need to be unlocked from your home carrier to accept the Argentine SIM card. Check with your provider about unlocking before traveling.
Travel Adapter You may need a plug adapter suitable for Argentina to charge your phone if your home plug doesn’t match.
Basic Spanish Phrases Though English is spoken at airports, knowing key phrases in Spanish like “SIM card” (tarjeta SIM), “data” (datos), and “prepaid” (prepago) can be helpful.
Patience Lines at SIM card booths can sometimes be long depending on when flights arrive. Be prepared to wait and don’t rush airport staff.

Note: With your phone unlocked, passport ready, and cash on hand, you’ll be all set to purchase your Argentina SIM card right after landing.

IV. Argentina eSIM – An Alternative to SIM Card at Argentina Airports

While physical SIM cards can easily be purchased at airports, eSIMs provide a convenient alternative for staying connected in Argentina. An eSIM is a digital SIM card that is built into your phone and activated through a mobile app.

Here are some benefits of using an Argentina eSIM instead of a traditional SIM card:

  • Activation can be done digitally before you even land in Argentina, saving airport time
  • No need to locate a physical SIM card at the airport
  • Support for multiple phone numbers/data plans on the same device
  • Easy switching between Argentina eSIM and your home country SIM
  • Avoid roaming charges from your provider back home

Top Argentina eSIM providers like argentinaesim.com offer Argentina eSIM plans for any traveling goal. Coverage includes Argentina and 14 other countries on the Claro network. Plans can be easily activated by scanning the provided QR code.

Find the best options for your trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Argentina eSIM 7 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $6.00
Argentina eSIM 15 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $11.50
Argentina eSIM 30 Days Plan
Argentina eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $15.50

While SIM cards can still be purchased upon arrival, eSIMs provide added flexibility and convenience for staying connected during your visit to Argentina.

Check our article about Argentina eSIM Compatible Devices List to make sure your phone be unlocked


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about purchasing SIM card at Argentina airports:

Do I need to show ID or a passport to buy a SIM card at Argentina Airports?

Yes, you normally need to provide your passport as proof of identity when registering a SIM card in Argentina.

Can I pay with US dollars or my credit card for the SIM card?

Some shops at airports may accept USD cash or major credit cards, but having Argentine pesos is safer. There are ATMs at airports to withdraw cash.

How much data is included in a SIM card at Argentina airports?

Basic airport SIM cards tend to include 1-2 GB of data, some calls/texts. More expensive cards can have 10GB or unlimited data. Top up if needed.

Can I use the airport SIM card anywhere in Argentina?

Yes, SIM cards purchased at any Argentina airport will provide coverage across the country with the major providers.

How long does a SIM card at Argentina airports stay active?

The included data/call credit on prepaid SIM cards typically lasts 30-60 days from activation before expiring. You can top up to extend.

Do I need to register the SIM card at Argentina airports with my passport details?

By law, SIM cards sold in Argentina require registration using your passport. This is done when you purchase the card.

Can I use the SIM card in other South American countries?

Most Argentina SIM cards only provide service domestically. Some premium cards may work in neighboring countries, but roaming fees apply.

VI. Conclusion

Purchasing a SIM card upon arrival at major airports across Argentina is the easiest way for travelers to stay connected. With data plans starting around $2-3 USD, it’s very affordable. Be sure to come prepared with an unlocked phone, passport, cash in pesos, and any required adapters. Alternatives like eSIM can also simplify getting online without fussing with physical SIM cards. Regardless, having mobile data during your time in Argentina allows for unlimited access to maps, translation, travel tips and more.