Finding the right SIM Card in Buenos Aires is your first step to conquering communication woes in Argentina’s captivating capital. This comprehensive guide empowers you to navigate the Buenos Aires SIM card scene like a local porteño (resident)! We’ll unveil insider tips, explore options – from airport kiosks to convenient eSIMs –  and equip you with the knowledge to find the perfect solution for your trip.

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I. Which mobile operator is the best in Buenos Aires?

Choosing the perfect SIM Card in Buenos Aires mobile operator depends on your priorities. Here’s a quick breakdown:

CoverageVery goodGoodGood
Speed (Mbps)21.418.916.2
Download Speed (Mbps)21.4 (Winner)18.916.2
Upload Speed (Mbps)
Video Experience (Score)63.861.960.1

Finding the right SIM card in Buenos Aires is easy with options for every traveler. Short stays can grab a Chip Turista (Claro) for basic needs, while moderate data users can choose Prepago Internacional (Personal) or Prepago Full (Movistar). Heavy data users will love Argentina Adelante Prepago (Claro) for extensive data.

Not sure which Argentina mobile operator to choose for your trip, check our article Mobile Operators in Argentina: Which One is the Best? to find out more useful tips for your upcoming trip!

II. Best Buenos Aires SIM Card and Cost

Finding the “best” SIM Card in Buenos Aires depends on your data needs and trip duration.  Here’s a breakdown of popular options with estimated price ranges (ARS – Argentine Pesos):

Trip Length & Data UsageSIM Card OptionPrice Range (ARS)Data Allowance (estimated)Carrier
Short Stay (Up to 1 Week)Chip Turista (Tourist Chip)Starts from 700ARSGood chunk of dataClaro
Short Stay (Up to 1 Week)Prepago Turista (Tourist Prepaid)Starts from 500Smaller data allowancePersonal
Moderate Data User (1-2 Weeks)Prepago Internacional (International Prepaid)Starts from 1000Moderate data allowancePersonal
Moderate Data User (1-2 Weeks)Prepago Full (Full Prepaid)Starts from 800Mid-range data packageMovistar
Heavy Data User (2+ Weeks)Argentina Adelante Prepago (Go Prepaid)Starts from 1500A significant amount of dataClaro
Heavy Data User (2+ Weeks)Prepago Sin Limite (Unlimited Prepaid)Starts from 2000Beware: “Unlimited” often has fair usage limitsPersonal

Finding the right SIM card in Buenos Aires is easy with options for every traveler. Short stays can grab a Chip Turista (Claro) for basic needs, while moderate data users can choose Prepago Internacional (Personal) or Prepago Full (Movistar). Heavy data users will love Argentina Adelante Prepago (Claro) for extensive data. Remember to check the latest prices and consider your itinerary for the best coverage!

III. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Buenos Aires

Finding a SIM card in Buenos Aires is a breeze, with options at the airport and throughout the city. Here’s a breakdown of where to look

1. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Ezeiza Airport (EZE)

Arriving in Buenos Aires? All three major carriers (Claro, Personal, Movistar) have kiosks conveniently located in the International Terminal.

Ezeiza Airport (EZE)
Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) Airport. Source
Mobile Carrier Stores Location SIM Cards available Recommendation
Claro Arrivals Area, next to baggage claim (all terminals Various data packages Offers the largest data packages at Ezeiza Airport. Provides a quick and easy solution for tourist SIMs. Plans at the airport may be slightly more expensive than city options.
Personal Arrivals Area, next to baggage claim (all terminals Varying data allowances. A basic connection for browsing and social media during your short stay. Might offer slightly better value compared to Claro's in terms of price per data unit. Data allowances tend to be smaller.
Movistar Arrivals Area, next to baggage claim (all terminals Mid-range data packages. The most budget-friendly option at the airport, but double-check network coverage in your area of stay. Their upload speeds are also a touch slower compared to Claro and Personal.

Consider your needs: Claro excels in data, Personal might be a value choice, and Movistar is budget-friendly but check coverage. For wider options, head into the city.

2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Buenos Aires

If you didn’t set up a SIM card at the Ezeiza Airport airport, you can also find them at major mobile stores located downtown, near busy areas for convenience.

  • Super Markets: Convenient option to pick up a basic prepaid SIM card alongside your groceries.
  • Convenience Stores: Look for small, brightly lit kiosks on most street corners or near plazas in Buenos Aires. They typically sell newspapers, cigarettes, and everyday essentials.

3. Getting SIM Cards Online from Other Retailers:

Potential for finding budget-friendly options; you can browse and compare plans from different carriers before your trip.

While some online retailers like Amazon or eBay might list Argentina SIM cards, exercising caution is crucial due to potential compatibility issues and shipping delays.

In conclusion, Buenos Aires offers a variety of options for acquiring a SIM card, from convenient kiosks to well-stocked mobile carrier stores.

For an in-depth exploration of Argentina SIM cards, including exclusive deals and travel guides, visit This website can be a valuable resource to ensure you stay connected and make the most of your Buenos Aires adventure!

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III. eSIM for Buenos Aires Travelers – A Smart Alternative

Consider an eSIM for a seamless and convenient mobile data solution during your Buenos Aires trip. Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIMs are digital, eliminating the need for physical cards and simplifying the activation process. There are two main ways to acquire an eSIM for Argentina:

  • Major Carrier Websites: While some major Argentine carriers like Movistar and Claro offer eSIM plans, navigating their websites might be challenging due to Spanish interfaces. Additionally, tourist-specific eSIM plans might be limited.
  • eSIM provider: Skip the hassle of physical SIM cards! provides a user-friendly experience in English, ideal for international travelers. We specialize in tourist-oriented eSIM plans, offering several key advantages:
    • Variety of Data & Validity: Choose the perfect fit for your trip, from short getaways to extended stays. We offer a wide range of data packages and validity periods to cater to different travel styles (leisure, business, visiting family).
    • No ID/Passport Required: Unlike some carriers, We allow you to purchase an eSIM plan without providing your ID or passport, offering an extra layer of privacy.
    • Accessible Customer Support: Enjoy readily available customer support in English, making it easier to resolve any issues compared to dealing with large local carriers.
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IV. Things to Prepare When Buying SIM Cards in Buenos Aires

A smooth SIM card purchase in Buenos Aires requires minimal preparation. Here’s what to have on hand:

  • Passport: This is essential for identification during the purchase process at any carrier store, kiosk, or supermarket.
  • Cash (Optional): While some stores might accept credit cards, carrying some Argentine Pesos (ARS) is recommended, especially for smaller kiosks that might not have card readers.

Take a passport and some pesos (maybe) for a hassle-free SIM card purchase in Buenos Aires!

V. Tips and Recommendations

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective mobile data experience in Buenos Aires:

  • Convenience vs. Selection: Consider grabbing a basic SIM card at Ezeiza Airport upon arrival for immediate connectivity. For a wider range of plans and potentially better deals, head into mobile carrier stores in the city center.
  • Data Top-Ups: If you plan a longer stay, inquire about data add-on options or top-ups to avoid running out of data.
  • Fees & Charges: Be mindful of any potential activation fees or top-up charges associated with your chosen plan. Ask about these beforehand to avoid surprises.


Here’s the lowdown on acquiring a SIM card in Buenos Aires, straight from a local:

Where can I buy a SIM card?

You can purchase prepaid SIM cards at most major carriers’ stores (like Claro, Movistar, and Personal), authorized dealers, pharmacies, and some newsstands/kiosks. Major airports also sell them.

What documents do I need when buying a SIM card?

For prepaid SIMs, you typically only need your passport. Postpaid plans may require proof of address and employment. A photo ID is always required.

How much do SIM cards cost?

Basic starter SIM kits with a small amount of airtime cost around $5-10 USD. You’ll need to recharge it to make calls/use data.

What carriers are available? 

The three major carriers are Claro, Movistar, and Personal. All have nationwide 4G coverage but quality may vary by location.

VI. Conclusion

With a variety of SIM card options readily available, staying connected in Buenos Aires is a breeze.  Whether you choose a convenient airport kiosk option, explore the diverse plans at mobile carrier stores, or opt for the digital ease of an eSIM, you’ll be able to navigate the city, share your adventures, and stay in touch with loved ones back home. Remember, planning your data needs and considering your budget will help you find the perfect solution for your Buenos Aires adventure.